About Us

Here at FBN, we look at things a little differently than the typical aftermarket supplier.

As an aftermarket supplier, we know that to be chosen over the OEMs for replacement parts, we can’t be “just as good.” We have to be more than that. More responsive, innovative, and reliable. And, more than anything, we have to build parts that are better than what comes built in.

Over the years, it’s kind of become an obsession with us. And that’s good news for everyone in your plant. Mechanics get parts that are easier to work on and last longer. Engineers get more bottles filled per minute, and more accurately. Maintenance managers spend less time worrying about their budgets and how much they’re spending on spare parts.

It enabled us to build lasting relationships in industries as diverse as food & beverage, pharmaceutical, distillery, automotive, chemical, cosmetic, personal care, and micro-brew.

Our commitment to building lasting relationships with each and every customer is the most important part of our business and is the core of our unofficial company motto: “Customers are the only people who send us checks!” So we better be better.

Our Core Values

Everyone at FBN believes and shares in the same set of core values. It’s a mindset that sets us apart from others, and results in better bottling – start to finish.

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Service and Reputation First

A graphic of a dark blue gear with a stamp in the middle that says "100% Quality Guarantee."

Never Compromise Quality

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Never Stop Innovating

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Become a Better Teammate


From your first conversation with FBN through installation and support, you’ll find The FBN Way is a better way.


The team at FBN is composed of hard-working, knowledgeable individuals that are driven to provide the best parts and the best service


Stay up to date with the most current developments in the bottle industry by following the latest news from FBN.


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